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Menopause Wellness Atlanta

Published on April 17, 2019

A healthy menopause is possible. At Schilling Women’s Center we specialize in helping women through many of the important milestones of our female lives. For decades the Menopause process was something that not many women were educated about, not many women talked about, and there wasn’t much help available for women going through “the change.” Today we are happy to have Drs. Schilling, Sea and Fapohunda available to create personalized Menopause Wellness plans for women in all stages of the menopause process.

Our goal is to help women control their menopause symptoms through the careful use of hormone replacement therapy, lifestyle changes, and natural bioidentical formulas. We are also always focusing on women’s long-term health, and preventing and treating women’s issues that crop up around this time. If you are ready to get the medical care that you deserve, call our office to schedule your convenient appointment today.